SUPER ORTHOPAEDIC Open Coil 6′ Super King Size Mattress

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  • Mattress Springs: 12.5-gauge Orthopaedic spring unit
  • Mattress Size: Super King 6ft x 6ft6 (180 x 200cm)
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Top Finish: Deep Quilted Damask Fabric
  • Mattress Depth (cm): 24 (9.5 Inch)
  • Also available in 3ft, 4ft, 4ft6 & 5ft

Product Description

SUPER ORTHOPAEDIC Open Coil 6′ Super King Size Mattress

Transform your bedroom with a beautiful new Bed & Mattress from SC furniture ltd.

Whether you’re looking for a Mattress to help your healthy back-care regime or you’re simply looking for a comfy mattress that packs a lot of luxury into a small price then SC Furniture has the mattress for you.

The Super Ortho Mattress is designed to provide a good degree of support. This deep quilted mattress contains a 12.5g orthopaedic spring unit with layers of firm fillings with bonded fibre to support your back. It is covered in a modern damask cover to give the bedroom a contemporary look. It also has a 9 gauge steel wire rod edge frame for extra edge support. All with a deep quilted damask top for extra comfort making the sleeping surface extra comfortable.

We stock a wide range of super king mattresses. All our super king mattresses measure 6’ x 6’6″ (180 cm x 200 cm) – ideal for larger bedrooms or if you are looking to create more space in your room.

Whether you’re looking for single sprung mattresses, single memory foam mattresses or a wide selection in-between! Just give us a call if you are unsure which mattress to buy and our trained staff will advise you what we think will be the most suitable.

We have a wide range of beds to suit your mattress if needed from a standard divan base to oak bed, please contact us if you require any further assistance.

We also have matching divan bases available with various storage options

Divan Base

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UK standard
Super King 6ft x 6ft6 (180 x 200cm)


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A good night’s sleep is essential to keeping happy and healthy, and whilst a great looking bed can help make you feel more relaxed it’s actually the mattress that ensures if you have a good night’s sleep or not.
There are so many different types of mattress, all of them guaranteeing you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, that it can be quite difficult to decide which the best is for you.
Customers often ask us about our mattresses, so we’ve written this handy guide that will help you answer the question “what is the best mattress for me?”
A good way to tell if your mattress is past its best is to see if you are waking up with pain in your joints that goes away 30 minutes after waking up and stretching. If this is the case, then it’s time you got a new mattress.
A mattress should support your body, so any aching in your back, lower back, shoulders, head and neck could indicate that your mattress has seen better days.
Mattresses tend to fall into one of three categories, based on their firmness. A good way to start picking your mattress is to see which of these categories is right for you. How firm you like your mattress can depend on a variety of things. If you sleep on your side for instance then a softer mattress might be more suitable for you. If you sleep on your back or stomach, you might be more comfortable on a firm mattress. Studies have indicated that a firm mattress means less joint pain, but that might not necessarily be suitable for your body type.
Once you have settled on the right firmness for you, then it’s time to think about what type of mattress you want. Here at SC Furniture, we have three types, which we’re going to take a look at now.
Developed during the 60s, memory foam is now one of the most common materials used in mattresses. Memory foam reacts to the shape of your body and moulds itself around you to support the whole body, whichever way you sleep. It also reduces the air circulation around your body, helping to keep you warm and cosy, particularly effective on cold winter nights
Memory foam is perfect for older people who find themselves suffering from joint pain. Some of the mattresses we stock combine springs with a layer of memory foam, meaning you get the firmness of a normal mattress but the comfort of a memory foam one.
Pocket spring mattresses are probably the most popular mattress we have in stock. Each spring is sewn into its own pocket, meaning that it reacts independently of the other springs, responding to the movements your body makes over the course of a night. We have a number of mattresses that combine pocket springs with a layer of memory foam for added comfort.
Open coil mattresses are the most common type of mattress, and are perfect for the widest range of customers. The springs are all linked together and the filling above them fills in the gaps of your body’s contours. They make a really great, inexpensive solution for the short term, and will last about 3-5 years before they need to be replaced.
These are the main types of mattresses that we stock, and they tend to be the most common across mattress manufacturers and stockists.
Now that you’ve found out a little bit more about the various types of mattress, it’s up to you to decide which the best one for you is!

Use a washable, protective cover to protect the mattress (and pillows) from stains. Barrier fabrics for allergy sufferers are also available.
In the mornings, throw back the bed clothes and leave the bed to air for 20 minutes to allow body moisture to evaporate.
Turning your mattress over from side and side and end to end every few months (every week for the first three months) helps upholstery fillings to settle down more evenly.
Some more luxurious mattresses, with much thicker layers of fillings designed to mould themselves to the contours of your body, may retain signs of these impressions, despite turning.
Don’t make a habit of sitting on the edge of the bed and don’t let the kids bounce on it.
Don’t roll up or squash a mattress to store or transport it – this can cause permanent damage.
Handles are designed to help you position a mattress on its base – do not use them to support the full weight of the mattress – they may pull out and damage the fabric.
Don’t leave polythene wrappings on a new mattress – dampness, mildew and rotting could all result from a build-up of condensation.
Vacuum your mattress and base from time to time to remove fluff and dust. This should be carefully done so as not to dislodge fillings or damage tufts. Open windows while vacuuming -especially if there is an asthma sufferer in the house.
When tackling stains, use mild detergent and warm or cold water. Never over soak a mattress or base.
Putting a new mattress on a base for which it was not intended, a new mattress on an old base or a board between the mattress and base can impede comfort and reduce the useful life of the mattress – as well as affecting any guarantees or warranties.

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