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Staingard Furniture Protection

SC Furniture in conjunction with Homeserve Furniture Repairs Ltd and Staingard, is proud to launch the Staingard HFR Furniture Care Plan, a 5 Year Extended Warranty Cover which is more comprehensive than any of our competitors. This cover includes common problems such as: Stains from food & drinks, acids, corrosives, bleach, dyes and paints, Dye transfer, including that from denim, throws and hair to both leather and fabric upholstery, Structural damage and issues such as excessive loss of resilience to cushion interiors, seam and stitching problems, lifting and peeling of leather. The cover also includes breakages to mechanical components, both electric and manual & Pet damage.

Choosing The Right Protection Plan

Here at SC Furniture we offer a wide range of sofas and armchairs, including corner sofas, swivel chairs with footstools and sofa beds. As such we offer a number of protection plans, covering different sized sofas, so no matter what size the sofa you purchase you know you’ll be protected against the worst.

It is important to ensure that you pick the right plan to cover your sofa, that’s why we will give you the chance to add the right protection plan to your basket when you add your sofa or armchair. However, if you decide to come back to SC Furniture to buy your protection plan at another time, which you can do up to 30 days after purchase, or you are faced with a choice of more than one protection plan, please make sure the protection plan you buy is the right one for you.

So, if you buy any sofa chair, reclining armchair, tub chair, swivel or massage chair (including those with matching footstools) then you should make sure that you select the 1 seater protection plan.

If you purchase any 2 seater sofa, whether fabric or leather, you should select the 2 seater protection plan.

When purchasing any 3 seater sofa, the right plan to choose is the 3 seater protection plan.

Finally, should you purchase a suite, then you should ensure that the protection plan you  choose covers the total number of seats

What’s covered?

Stains Resulting From:   

  •                Food, beverages & confectionery
  •                Ink spots, including biro
  •                Make-up & shampoo
  •                Wax & wax polish
  •                Animal & bodily fluids
  •                Glue & paint
  •                Acids and corrosives, including bleach
  •                Dye transfer

Structural Issues:

  •                Mainframe/Sub frame defects
  •                Castor rail blocks
  •                Seat & back springing units
  •                Bolt-on arms
  •                Broken buttons & zip operations
  •                Recliner actions & sofa bed mechanisms
  •                Electric motors & components
  •                All metal components
  •                Excessive loss of resilience on foam & fibre
  •                Seams & stitching
  •                Lifting & peeling of leather

Accidental Damage:

  •                Tears
  •                Rips
  •                Burns
  •                Scuffs
  •                Scratches
  •                Punctures
  •                Pet damage

Significant Exclusions

Damage, staining or soiling caused:

  •                 Prior to or during delivery
  •                To items used for rental or commercial purposes
  •                To furniture in storage or transit
  •                By or resulting from mishandling, abuse, neglect, violence or vandalism
  •                Deliberately by any person, including children
  •                By wear and tear or gradual build up
  •                By accumulated multiple stains or any unidentifiable stain
  •                By fire, fire damage, smoke, ash, flood, wind, lightning, the act of sunlight, oxidisation or any other natural disaster

Simply click on the tab on the top menu (STAINGARD) & select either LEATHER or FABRIC then select the suite combination that you have purchased, and thats it, we will complete the form and a copy of the insurance certificate will be emailed directly to you.

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