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Welcome back to the Pascara Brown/Beige,


We are introducing 2 new fabrics to our popular Oregon model. These will be called the MONACO.

Available in Brown & Grey

MONACO Tan Fabric Material Manual RECLINING Recliner Sofa Suite 321

MONACO CHARCOAL GREY Fabric Material Manual RECLINING Recliner Sofa Suite 321


Over the last few weeks we have been receiving calls from customers regarding the sale of Fire Pitts and BBQ’s on Facebook and a website.

We can confirm that we have no association with either of the companies.


We have reported them to Facebook and Action fraud.

We are aware that there is a legitimate company called BBQoutlet (no hyphen) and they are also NOT associated with BBQ-Outlet

As always, if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.
Always check you are buying from a legitimate before you waste your hard earned cash.

Thank you and be safe.


UPDATE 03/21

The government has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England. There are still steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19:

Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces

UPDATE 02/12/21

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve always had the safety of our customers and colleagues at the front of our minds, and we’ve carefully followed all government guidance. So, following the recent announcements, there is a new update.

New face covering rules

From today, 30 November, it’ll be a legal requirement for customers to wear a face covering in our stores (unless exempt).

UPDATE 18/11/21

Dear valued customer,

In 2021, UK consumers have seen gaps on supermarket shelves, queues at petrol pumps, and shortages of goods from cars, fridges and construction materials to toys and McDonald’s milkshakes. Shortages and delivery delays are now a major problem across much of the world.

Global supply chains have buckled under the weight of a resurgence in global demand triggered by economies around the world emerging from Covid-19 restrictions.

Suppliers are struggling to ramp up capacity in response to red hot demand, causing shortages of raw materials and fuelling inflationary pressures.

Input costs climbed at one of the fastest paces in the survey’s history, prompting manufacturers to raise prices at the fastest paces on record.

There was a consensus earlier in the pandemic that factories and shipping companies would catch up with demand within a matter of months and clear the backlog. But that didn’t happen before the peak pre-Christmas shipping season began. Moody’s Analytics warns that supply-chain disruptions “will get worse before they get better”. More optimistically, the investment bank Jefferies predicted this week that October would turn out to be the worst month, and that we are already “past the peak pinch” on cargo ship delays, port bottlenecks and labour shortages. But even so, most experts predict that it will take at least six months and possibly more than a year for the situation to stabilise. “The world is still short of everything,” a recent New York Times headline. “Get used to it.”

UPDATE 24/06/21

Dear valued customer,

We’ve all been through a turbulent time over the last 18 months, and I would like to thank you all for your custom to date and for your support.

We pride ourselves on quality, service, and value for money, all three of which have affected our business in recent weeks for which we apologise sincerely. This has been due to our suppliers having issues, such as raw material shortage, the Suez, cargo costs increasing by over 400% and of course Covid-19 all of which was out of our control.

Whilst we have tried our absolute best to maintain our 4–6-week lead time we are now having to extend this due to being let down by our suppliers.  I am afraid we will have to increase our lead times up to 12 weeks from the date of the order being received for non stock and made to order sofas. We will of course attempt to improve on this and where possible, offer ‘exceptional circumstance’ consideration.

The team have been working so hard to maintain the timescales, but unfortunately as a business we simply need to make this change to secure the long-term future of  SC Furniture Ltd and I sincerely hope you can appreciate my honesty and integrity in making this decision as I believe that you, the customer come first.

We are currently trying to absorb the price increases from our suppliers, and I feel it’s only right to advise you that we will have to make an across the board increase on our current prices. I will endeavour to leave it as long as possible and  when it does arrive the increase will only be to cover our increasing raw material costs.

I am positive these issues will pass in time and when they do, I will be contacting you again with ‘good news’ that we can reduce our lead times back to what you expect from SC Furniture Ltd.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Kindest regards,


To our valued customers,

We are committed to supporting you during these difficult times and are constantly reviewing our current operations to better service you. Having reviewed the most recent Government guidelines issued on the 17th May 2021, We are happy to announce that our retail store will be opening as normal. We intend to continue operating from our site, with a nation-wide delivery service, a pre-booked collection service from our showroom, and ongoing customer support while prioritising the safety and protection of our people, customers and visitors to our store. Our sales representatives will continue to be available to you remotely, and our customer service teams are working as normal to answer all customer enquiries.

Showroom and Deliveries:

The government guidance is aimed to reduce transmission of the virus.  To help us remain open please prearrange showroom collection orders before arriving to collect and limit your time in our showroom and continue to wear masks.  Please contact your our sales team via your normal method. Our delivery service will operate as usual. If we can deliver inside your property we would ask that you kindly vacate the room to allow our guys clear access the room where the suite will be set up. Our guys will take the usual precautions to make sure they & you are safe. Please feel free to sanitise any products they may have touched after they have left but please refrain from using any sanitiser on leather or fabric suites as this may mark/stain the sofa. We would really appreciate your support in this matter as it significantly reduces any chance of transmission and will help keep our customers and colleagues safe. We will continue to try our best to maintain a quick delivery service but please be aware that certain items may be delayed due to our manufacturers staff shortages and raw material shortages.

Account Management and Payments:

All our businesses are open and have the ability to take payments through this period, with our finance staff also available to help customers manage their accounts. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with your sales representative in the first instance or contact us directly at

Stay safe

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